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“Every contract that gets in the hands of a small business is a win-win for our nation, the entrepreneurs, their employees and the communities they support all across the country” 

SBA Administrator Chris Pilkerton

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Agencies awarded 25 percent of their contract spending to small businesses in fiscal 2018 and earned an overall ‘A’ rating on SBA’s annual small business scorecard.

(Source: Small Business Administration)

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5 Things You Should Know: HUBZone Program (The Basics)

§ 126.100 What is the purpose of the HUBZone program?

The purpose of the HUBZone program is to provide federal contracting assistance for qualified SBCs located in historically underutilized business zones in an effort to increase employment opportunities, investment, and economic development in such areas.

§ 126.101 Which government departments or agencies are affected directly by the HUBZone program?

The short answer all federal departments and agencies that employ one or more contracting officers!

§ 126.600 What are HUBZone contracts?

13 CFR § 126.613 - How does a price evaluation preference affect the bid of a certified HUBZone small business concern in full and open competition?

§ 126.604 Who decides if a contract opportunity for  HUBZone set-aside competition exists?

The contracting officer for the contracting activity makes this decision.

§ 126.603 Does HUBZone certification guarantee receipt of HUBZone contracts?

HUBZone certification does not guarantee that a certified HUBZone small business concernwill receive  HUBZone contracts. Certified  HUBZone small business concerns should market their capabilities to appropriate contracting activities in  order to increase the prospect that the contracting activity will adopt an acquisition strategy that includes HUBZone contract opportunities.

§ 126.608 Are there HUBZone contract opportunities at or below the simplified acquisition threshold or micropurchase threshold?

A CO may make a requirement available as a HUBZone set-aside or sole source award if it is at or below the simplified acquisition threshold. In addition, a CO may award a requirement as a  HUBZone contract to a certified  HUBZone small business concern at or below the micropurchase threshold.